Print All Forms

You don’t need to print the forms to submit to Tobii Dynavox Funding Department.  All you need to do is click on Submit Form Set.  But if you choose to print the forms, there are several ways to do that.
If you want to print all of the forms in the entire application, click on options.


You will see the following choices:


Choose #7 Print all Forms.  You will something similar to the following (depending on which browser you are using):

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.09.38 AM

Follow the prompts to open the .pdf.  You can then print from there.
You can also go to the application in the folder or dashboard and open it.  At the top you will see the Print All Forms Button


If you want to print a form set instead of all of the forms, go to the bottom of the form group.  The Client Information Form is one set.  At the bottom click on Download Form Group
You will now be able to download the pdf, follow the instructions and print.