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Welcome to Tobii Dynavox Online Funding Packet for those living in the US. This site allows you to fill out the needed forms online using your PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and android products. Tobii Dynavox will work with you to process your claim through your chosen form of health insurance. Direction for using this website. If you have questions or problems using this website, please file a trouble ticket.
Tobii Dynavox SGDs (Speech Generating Devices) are covered by Medicare/ Medicaid and by private health based funding programs: insurers and health plans.
Tobii Dynavox Funding website includes information about consulting your physician, consulting your speech-language pathologist, choosing your device, completing the funding packet, submitting the funding packet, waiting for authorization and receiving your device.
In addition if you would like to print out the required documents Funding Documents
If you are not sure how to proceed, please contact the Tobii Dynavox Funding department at:
Tobii Dynavox
2100 Wharton Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Telephone: (800) 344-1778
Email: funding@tobiidynavox.com
Notice: This website meets the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. We are dedicated to maintain the privacy of your protected health information (PHI). We are required by law to maintain the confidentiality of health information that identifies you. You may disclose this information to anyone you choose. We will only disclose this information to assist you in receiving Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance funding of an Augmentative Communication Device. We will only release your PHI to those you designate and/or to an AAC advocate with your written permission. See our complete Notice of Privacy Practices.

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